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Chrissy on The Purple Otter

The most memorable part of this experience was the Survival Board Game that we played. (Light a candle in an enclosed space for warmth in a blizzard. The lily is a poisonous plant; do not eat it. When one has been disemboweled, leave them as they are and cover the exposed innards with a damp cloth.)

The wings themselves were averagely spicy. 2.5 hearts. They were advertised as Jumbo, but were not at all meaty. Some of mine were over done, with a not unpleasant charred flavor, but it left them dry as they continued to cook themselves at the table. The sauce was vinegary, with a decent amount of it left in the bottom for dipping. I highly rate the sides at 4 hearts. The homemade blue cheese was original, with a tartar sauce texture and tartness.

Service was friendly, but unable to accommodate the amount of business in the bar. Music selection included classic rock, creating a comfortable, laid back atmosphere when combined with the board games.

Overall, a good place to hang out with a couple friends but only 2.25 hearts.


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