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buffaloblog's Journal

Chicago Buffalo Blog: Achieving Happiness Orally
26 June
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Our Mission Statement
To scour the greater Chicagoland area in search of the most delicious, the most soul-satisfying, wing experience that man is capable of experiencing.

About the Reviewers
Lauren: 25 year old buffalo wing lover. Her ideal wing is breaded, crispy and spicy enough to make you cry. Her ideal sauce is vinegary with a strong cayenne pepper flavor. Her dipping sauce of choice is thick, chunky blue cheese dressing. If you ever make the mistake of giving her ranch, do not be surprised if she spits it back at you. She has been a buffalo wing fanatic for approximately five years.

Chrissy: enjoys the simple things in life, and her buffalo wing philosophy is an extension of this life view. She wants a spicy, meaty wing and a crisp stalk of celery. The dressing is most often an afterthought. She'll taste your habenero bbq, your teriyaki, or your jerk style wings, but in the end the original buffalo is best. She has been enjoying the wing experience for all of her adult life, and has been seriously searching for an epic wing experience for the past four years.

About the Ratings
We rate our wings on a scale of five different factors: Meatiness, Spiciness, Crispiness, Deliciousness of Sauce, and Deliciousness of Sides, each on a scale from 1 to 5, with side commentary on the availability of beers, general atmosphere, and quality of service. These things are not rated because, while important, they are wholly secondary to the wing experience. If you have a good wing, we will gladly suffer shitty beer and shitty service.

Meatiness: Simply put, how much meat is on the bones, and how good is it? This section covers size of wing, quantity of meat, and quality of meat. The chicken wing can be wingies, drummies, or boneless (bleh) but must be chock full of good meat to get all 5 hearts in this category.

Spiciness: Can your wing make us cry? It better. It's not a Buffalo Wing if it's tame enough to be used as a BBQ sauce.

Crispiness: The ideal wing is battered, and this category rates the quality of the cooking job as well as the tastiness factor of the batter. A wing should be crisp but not overly crunchy, and never soggy but still sauce drenched.

Deliciousness of Sauce: Possibly the most important category.

Deliciousness of Sides: Never underestimate the power of good sides. A fantastic blue cheese dressing can enhance the quality of your wing experience tenfold, and nothing clears the palate like a good stick of fresh, firm celery. We are not unknown to bring our own sauce when that of our favorite restaurant is lacking!